Welcome to Spring 2020

Greetings VVC Faculty,
As the Victor Valley College Faculty Association (VVCFA) President, I would like to welcome all of you to the Spring 2020 semester.  I hope you have a wonderful and productive semester.  

VVCFA has the following officers, with the years they will be in office, if you need anything related to your VVC contract and/or your working conditions please feel free to contact one of us:

  • President: Michael Butros (2019-2021) - VVC Extension: 2506
  • Vice President: Tracy Davis (2019-2021) - VVC Extension: 2659
  • Secretary: Khalid Rubayi (2018-2020) - VVC Extension: 2657
  • Treasurer: Richard Cerreto (2018-2020) - VVC Extension: 2385
  • Past President: Lisa Ellis (2019-2021) - VVC Extension: 2684

As a reminder, our general membership meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month during an active semester, unless the meeting is cancelled.  An email announcement will be sent out with the agenda to the meeting. The meetings take place in the Center for Institutional Excellence (CFIE), for those who may not know where that is, it is the room around the corner from the BOT room in Building 10.  A reminder that you must be a local member of VVCFA to attend the meeting. If you are not currently a member of VVCFA, please let me know, and I will deliver an application to you as soon as possible!

The VVCFA website link can be found below. Announcement about the meetings, links to agendas and minutes, links to our contract, and MOUs will be made available through the website. In the news section, we will post announcements and latest news about our local chapter, and any newsworthy information that we receive from other campuses, CCA, CTA and/or NEA. 


Again, welcome to the Spring 2020 semester and please let us know if we can help you.


Michael Butros, VVCFA President